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MIBRASA® - Charcoal Oven, Parrilla, Robatayaki and Hibachi

Rodrigo Palet

Umai. Girona - Spain
HMB Mini
""Mibrasa ovens simply encapsulate all the product goodness, with its homogenous cooking, ease in regulating and zero flavour transference""

Located in Mibrasa’s home region of Girona, Umai presents a fusion of north Asian cuisines from Japan and Korea combined with inspirational touches from Southeast Asia.


The red Mibrasa Mini oven is showcased in the restaurant’s open kitchen and sushi bar.


Chef Rodrigo Palet brings together his experience of working in kitchens in various parts around the world to offer his diners an eating experience incorporating delicate flavours and textures, adding considerable attention to detail, finesse and above all beauty to all his dishes.

Read Palet’s Mibrasa signature recipe here in our magazine Chefs’ talk.