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MIBRASA® - Charcoal Oven, Parrilla, Robatayaki and Hibachi

Diego Guerrero

DSTAgE**. Madrid - Spain
HMB AB-SB 75 Charcoal oven & RM SE 60 Robatayaki
""With Mibrasa we discover a new nuance every day""

Restaurant DSTAgE with 2 Michelin stars by Chef Diego Guerrero, is located on Calle Reguerons in the Madrilenian neighborhood of Salesas.


In July 2014, the restaurant was born from Guerrero’s needs and aspirations to improve, to share his ideas from a more personal point of view, more about you and less about others and with its own unique identity.


Guerrero tells us in an interview that the creative engine at DSTAgE never stops, there is no "drawer of ideas"; creating is an attitude, a way of facing life. DSTAgE seeks the very esscence of things, being able to explain more with less and to allow natural elements reflected in the kitchen to lead us.

The DSTAgE kitchen houses two Mibrasa units, the Robatayaki grill RM SE 60 and HMB AB-SB 75 charcoal oven, giving him an infinite amount of culinary possibilities; from grilling, smoking, cooking at different temperatures and various cooking synergies that apply to the DSTAgE ethos.