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MIBRASA® - Charcoal Oven, Parrilla, Robatayaki and Hibachi

Vicenç Fajardo

Food truck Bini Van. Madremaña - Spain
HMB 75 Mibrasa Charcoal oven

Food trucks are an adventure, highly adaptable and by their very nature, nomadic – which is why we adore them because deep down for every foodie chef or food entrepreneur it’s that one project that we’ve all craved for.


Introducing Bini Van, the beloved Citroën HY, restored with striking green cladding and furnished with its red Mibrasa charcoal oven HMB 75 by the team from SAÓ catering or better known yet the rockier younger sister of restaurant La Plaça in the town of Madremanya.


Madremanya is a quaint and bijou stone-built town in the Empordà region of Girona, where its name comes from the latin “Mare gran” meaning great mother, which is perhaps why a great future lies in store for the petite Bini Van. Or maybe even because its creator, Vincenç Fajardo, having travelled to Australia and back was clear that what he really wanted was a project without limits.


Live the Bini Van experience: customise your private event with a specially created menu using only the finest produce cooked to impress with the Mibrasa oven.