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MIBRASA® - Charcoal Oven, Parrilla, Robatayaki and Hibachi

Lucia Freitas

A Tafona*. Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
HMB 75 Charcoal Oven
""For me, cooking over coals is a different perspective in my kitchen. It's immediate and intense but the cooking techniques can also be prolonged and paused, both of which are full of identity""

We are excited and honored to have Galician chef Lucia Freitas as our new chef ambassador and part of the Mibrasa family.

Lucia Freitas has a belief, that when a chef owns their own restaurant, they are able to work more freely and express their true creativity. It is, therefore, no surprise when she steered her restaurant A Tafona* in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) to distinction and was awarded 1 Michelin star in 2019. 

In the gastronomic scene, Freitas’ name is equally identifiable with her campaign to defend her Galician roots and culinary traditions through the investigation and conservation of produce from the local region.

Her second, more casual restaurant Lume, sits within the square of the market ‘Mercado de Abastos’, and also integrates coal and embers to its menu with ingredients freshly sourced from the same market and cooked in their Mibrasa Robatayaki open grill.