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Discover our wide range of accessories to complete your Mibrasa charcoal oven.

  • Firebreak


    Firebreak in Stainless Steel. Highly recommended to trap any potential sparks created by the embers.

  • Dissipating filter

    Dissipating filter

    This is installed over the firebreak. It filters and spreads the flow of air slowing it down and lowering its temperature.

  • Grill


    Grill made completely of stainless steel, welded and polished to a high quality finish. Made with solid steel bars to provide maximum resistance and durability.

  • Heating rack

    Heating rack

    This heating rack is ideal for keeping your food hot in an easy an economical way.

    The rack is placed above the oven and has two seperate levels allowing you to control the temperature. Made of stainless steel.

  • Second grill for AC top Heating Cabinet

    Second grill for AC top Heating Cabinet

    Accessory to work with two temperature zones inside the top heating cabinet (HMB AC) to keep food and kitchenware warm.

  • Gastronorm rack

    Gastronorm rack

    Compatible with Mibrasa oven lower cupboards and oven stands. Built with 4 levels to fit up to 8 gastronorms.

  • Extraction Hood

    Extraction Hood

    Personalized extractor hood for MIBRASA® charcoal ovens. Made from 100% stainless steel AISI 304.

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  • Mibrasa® Oven Stand

    Mibrasa® Oven Stand

    Stand made of Stainless steel designed to fit Mibrasa charcoal ovens. 

  • Casters


    Set of Stainless steel or galvanized casters with locking system.

  • Thermometer


    Bimetallic Thermometer in stain steel with a range of 0 to 500ºC, for general use and resistant to corrosive substances.

  • Ash Shovel

    Ash Shovel

    Ash shovel made completely of stainless steel, perfect for easily collecting the ashes.

  • Charcoal ember poker

    Charcoal ember poker

    Stainless steel poker. Perfect for raking embers without loosing heat.

  • Grill brush

    Grill brush

    Grill brush made with a wooden handel and stainless steel bristles. Perfect for cleaning grill rack.

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