HMB AB-SB 75 - 1 Michelin Star Esperanto - Stockholm (Sweden)

Lead by acclaimed Swedish chef Sayan Isaksson, 1 Michelin star restaurant Esperanto is listed in The World's The World's 50 Best Restaurants and has been awarded 'Best restaurant in Sweden 2014', for the second year in a row, (ranked by White Guide).


Food served at Esperanto is described to have a penchant for the timeless, playful and innovative, resting on a foundation of classical cooking inspired from all around the world.


Mibrasa has become a key member of chef Isaksson's kitchen; igniting a partnership where both parties share the same vision to kindle and awaken their customer's culinary experiences.


"We want to appeal to all the senses. With Mibrasa we get another dimension to our gastronomic language." – Sayan Isaksson


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