HMB 75 - Hertog Jan 3 Michelin stars - Bruges (Belgium)

Three Michelin Star chef Gert de Mangeleer and sommelier Joachim Boudens recently opened their successful brasserie farmhouse restaurant just outside the city of Bruges. The premises allows for a vegetable patch where Mangeleer’s organic food principle can be practiced owing to his 420 something different varieties.


Being a three Michelin star restaurant, only high quality dishes can be expected to leave the Hertog Jan kitchen, which MIBRASA is very proud to be a part of.


Since Mangeleer, his team and our Belgian dealer, BOSSUYT visited our factory earlier on in the year, the Hertog Jan kitchen is now equipped with a MIBRASA oven. We want to thank all those mentioned above for their fantastic cooperation and the start of a great partnership. 


Visit Hertog Jan's website


Photo 8. "MAIN DISHES All main dishes are prepared in a Mibrasa charcoal oven."


Photographs taken by Koen Van Damme and Kristoff Vrancken



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